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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who should consider Nouis Homes for their future?

A. Nouis Homes are ideal for anyone who is mostly independent and wants to remain so for as long as possible. The “Pine Edge” is for anyone who is not ready for a nursing home or skilled nursing care. It is for the person who can get around by themselves and take care of most of their personal grooming needs. It is ideal for the person who needs a secure environment, nutritious meals, medication monitoring, and the other special services that Nouis Home Care offers. Current residents at our homes range in age from their 20s to 70s — most are in their 40s and 50s.

Q. Do you have any current openings?

A. Typically we do. It’s best that you call to find out or view the front page of our site to see the current status.

Q. I want to move in, how do I do it?

A. If you are working with a county case worker simply tell them that you want to move in and they will contact us. We will ask that you sign a release of information so that we can see your health history, your list of medications (if you’re on any) and all other pertinent information that will help us decide if you’d be a good fit. Additionally, we do accept folks who do not have case workers but the intake process does take a little longer.

Q. Do you accept couples?

A. Yes, we do. The Pine Edge home has suites for couples who would need more room than a standard private room.

Q. Do you accept smokers?

A. Yes, we do; however, smoking is restricted to the main floor smoking room that is located near the lobby and is equipped with ventilation fans. Smoking is not permitted in resident rooms or the common areas of the facility.

Q. Do you accept residents with pets?

A. Residents may have fish as pets. We do not accept any pets that bite, bark, claw, or hide (e.g., dogs, cats, birds, snakes, etc.). Residents typically board their pets at local pet boarding facilities.

Q. Do you accept Group Residential Housing (GRH)-eligible residents?

A. Yes, we do. GRH rooms are semi-private (shared). Group Residential Housing eligibility is determined by County Social Services agencies. If eligible, Nouis Home Care accepts the state-established GRH rate as payment-in-full for Board and Lodging services that are provided. Questions regarding eligibility should be referred to host-county Social Services offices.

Q. Are there prospective residents that you do not accept?

A. Yes, we do not accept individuals convicted of sex crimes and the criminal justice system has classified them as sexual predators.

Q. Who shouldn’t request to move in?

A. 1 – People who do not want to follow their care plan. 2 – People who want to actively use drugs and alcohol. We are not a treatment facility and if you seek out chemicals you will be asked to leave.

Q. Do you require a minimum stay?

A. Yes, we do. We expect residents will have a minimum stay of three months (90 days). Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis dependent on circumstances. It should be noted that many of our current residents have been with us for several years. Our homes are long-term care facilities.

Q. How do you pronounce your last name?

A. It’s pronounced “New-iss”…just like Louis only with a N. It’s derived from the French language.

Q. How’s the food?

A. Outstanding! We take great pride in the meals that are served.

Q. What can residents do for entertainment?

A. It’s up to each resident. The Pine Edge has an activity room. Some of the home’s residents fish in the Mississippi River, which is located right behind the Pine Edge. Others pay daily visits to downtown Little Falls which is only a block north of the facility. Surfing the Internet (the Pine Edge has wireless internet connectivity), playing piano, reading, watching television, or going to the VA for activities are all options that current residents use to make up their day. Nouis Home Care offers daily activities such as movie night, game night, Bingo, gardening, arts & crafts, cards and ice cream socials. Some residents choose not to participate — it is their choice.

Q. Do residents have phones in their rooms?

A. Some do — it’s a personal choice. If a resident wishes to have a phone in their room they would have to cover the cost of installation and the monthly line charge. A phone for resident use is available near the lobby. Most current residents have personal cell phones.

Q. Why the difference in rates for the semi-private rooms?

A. The semi-private rooms have different levels of privacy and space. The larger semi-private rooms provide more floor and wall space. In essence they allow for more privacy.