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Board and Lodge

Nouis Home Care’s Board and Lodge, located at 312 3rd Street SE, can house up to 22 individuals. Clients may have a mental health diagnosis, be recovering from substance abuse issues or have other health related concerns. The ideal client is one that’s mostly independent but needs some supportive services. In addition to lodging and meals, all clients receive a daily “okay” check, access to our staff RN where they can discuss their medications, upcoming appointments or if they just have general questions about their health and regular social outings.

Each client has their own bedroom and then they share one of six bathrooms. All rooms are equipped with a bed, dresser, nightstand and tv w/ cable.

Pay sources are Rate 1 GRH funding and private pay.

Nouis Home Care’s Board and Lodge is not right for people who have complex medical issues, uncontrolled behavioral health problems or chronic/active chemical users.

To make a referral, click here, email us or call us at 320-632-3868.

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