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Nouis Home at Pine Edge, formerly the famous Pine Edge Inn, is a beautiful facility located in downtown Little Falls, Minnesota. Initially constructed in 1923, the “Pine Edge” is a well-known meeting place in central Minnesota.

The Pine Edge (formerly the Pine Edge Inn) is located one block south of downtown Little Falls, a town of 8,300 situated in the very center of Minnesota. This former lumber town is the boyhood home of famous aviator Charles Lindbergh, Jr. At the turn of the century in 1900, the town was the home of the Pine Tree Lumber Company, which evolved into the company known today as Weyerhauser.

Nouis Home Care accepts residents who are Waivered Services and Group Residential Housing (GRH)-eligible. Procedures to check the eligibility for these programs can be found on our frequently asked questions pages.

Our main home, the “Pine Edge”, is a beautiful facility situated along the Mississippi River and Maple Island Park. Our business office is located here. The “Pine Edge” offers a convenient and relaxing location for residents. For over 80 years the “Pine Edge Inn” was a well-known meeting place and restaurant in central Minnesota.

Nouis Home Care also operates a second facility (an annex) two blocks east of the Pine Edge home.

For 40 years Nouis Homes have offered friendly, healthy, and caring environments for those who need
assistance in meeting daily living challenges. Our homes are conveniently-located properties near downtown Little Falls, Minnesota.